Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I did it!

My first batch of sweet potatoes! 

Last night I made my first batch of baby food. I made about 13 ounces of sweet potatoes for little Huntman. I am pretty proud of myself! It was so much easier then I thought it would be. I am definitely interested in making more veggies and fruits for this little guy. The new food processor we got is amazing! However, last night when Hunter was in his high chair and I turned the food processor on turned out to be a horrible idea. Hunter DOES NOT like the noise! I turned it off, looked at him, and he immediately turned his mouth into a frown and started to cry. I put him in the other room, but the noise still made him upset. I'm hoping that he will soon get used to it or maybe next time I'll have to put him upstairs in his crib. We will see! I recommend every mommy at least TRY to make their own baby food. I think you will be surprised at how easy it is! I didn't use a specific recipe. I just did some research and put all my information together and BAM! I peeled and cut up the sweet potato and put it in a sauce pan and barely covered it with water. I boiled/steamed it until the potato was soft. I didn't time it because Hunter and I were dancing around the kitchen! Opps! After the potato was soft and I could mash it with my spoon, I put it in the food processor and mixed it until smooth. I added the left over water that was in the sauce pan when I boiled/steamed the sweet potato into the processor. After I had it mixed pretty well, I poured the sweet potato into an ice cube try. Froze it and put the cubes into a freezer bag! Labeled the bag and it was all finished! Success! I am very excited about the other foods I will try. I will definitely keep you all posted on how it works out!

I made the Monterey Chicken last night and it was AMAZING! So easy to make and had great, great flavor. Everyone should make this! I added some green beans and it was a yummy meal! My husband loved it!

Yesterday was a very successful day in the kitchen! I can't wait to try out my Manicotti tonight and see how that turns out!

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