Monday, December 19, 2011


Everyone always says how much they dislike Mondays. I've never been one to understand that. I'm not going to go out on a limb and say that I LOVE Mondays, but I definitely do not dislike them. I feel like it's a start to the week. If we didn't have Mondays, then Tuesdays would be Mondays. I usually try to do my weekly grocery shopping on Monday mornings since usually it isn't too busy. I enjoy it! I plan out what the meals are for the week and then I buy groceries. I find it really exciting. Haha! Meal planning is interesting to me and takes a lot of stress off. It is nice to know what you are going to make for dinner and already have the ingredients on hand. I hate when it gets to be about 5:30 and I have no clue on what to make. I feel VERY accomplished when I know what we will eat all week! 

I am going to try to make baby food today! Pears and sweet potatoes! We will see how this turns out. I'm not really sure how so if anyone has any advice, let me know. Hunter tried applesauce Saturday and yesterday. He loved it! I think that is how we will finally get him to eat rice cereal. He is not a fan of that, but when I added applesauce to it, he scarfed it down! He's getting so big. Yesterday Ross took him out of the swing and laid him on his tummy on the floor and he was holding himself up and then just rolled from his tummy to his back. It was such a BIG roll! We laughed so hard at his expression while he just laid on the floor and smiled. He is getting a personality that is so sweet and cute. He has to be the funniest little guy I've ever met. Hunter surprises me every single day. 

Last night Ross and I were talking about how we cannot imagine life before Hunter. It is amazing how a child just captures all your emotions and can change every second of your life. The mornings with Hunter are my favorite. This morning when I went in to get him from his crib, I said, "Good morning Hunter!" And the little guy just smiled and got all excited! When he gets excited he makes this little squeak and bunches up into a ball, kind of, and then will kick his legs out really fast. It is so cute. My heart just smiles and feels so warm inside. I look forward to each day with Hunter and learning new things with him. When he learns something, I feel that I'm relearning it again too. I love sharing everything with him. The best thing is experiencing all the FIRSTS with him. 

We will see how today goes with baby food and the first day of meal planning! I should probably get some Christmas shopping and present wrapping done today too! I hope everyone has a great Monday! Tackle it! 

Meals for the Week!
Monday: Monterey Chicken
Tuesday: Manicotti        
Wednesday: Spicy Country Ribs
Thursday: Sweet and Sour Chicken w/Fried Rice
Friday: (we have a party so I don't have to cook dinner!! Yay!) 

My big baby boy! He's getting so big!!! 


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