Monday, December 12, 2011


Sometimes I wonder how I made it to where I am. I think of all the decisions I made to end up where I am. If I would have said "yes" or "no" at one point, I might not be married to who I'm married to and I might not be living where I am. The power of a choice amazes me. I am so thankful that I made the choices I did. I found the most patient man in the world to love me. I'm pretty hard to deal with and somehow he puts up with me and loves me. I couldn't have asked for a better friend to spend the rest of my life with and to have a family with. I remember when I was younger I would dream and dream about the family that I would have and I really don't think I could have ever dreamt that my life and my family would be this good. I love how life just goes, whether you want it to or not. Sometimes, or in my case all the time, I want to freeze moments each day and relive them over and over. I think that is a blessing to have. Each morning when Hunter wakes up, I just want to stop the clock. I just want to stare at his little face and not lose a second. Time has always been an enemy of mine. When I ran track I was always running against a clock. Each second, each minute was a battle. Time keeps us together, ties us to life. Time is all we have.


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