Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When all else fails...Improvise!!!

Everyday is something new with a baby. Nothing is ever the same as yesterday. He doesn't sleep like he did the night before. He learns how to do something new every single second. He learns new sounds that come out of his mouth. Each time he cries it's never the same as the last cry. Each diaper is a little different...  ;) 

No one tells you how to be a mom. Sure, there's tons and tons of books out there that have a million of "suggestions" about what you SHOULD do, but they are just that, "suggestions." When you give your baby love, food, clothes, clean diapers, baths, and a place to sleep isn't that enough? Some people would say no. "You must educated them!" "Teach them!" Isn't everyday learning enough? Maybe not, maybe so. I think little Hunter learns a lot on his own. He learns things that I can't teach him. Of course, right now he is too young to really understand yes or no. He can't do many things that are "bad." He's a baby! I wonder how long I'll use "he's a baby!" as an excuse for his behavior....probably until he's at least 30. :) Your children will always be your babies no matter how old they are. 

Life is all about learning how to improvise. Nothing ever goes as planned. Not a single day plans out how I want it to. Usually it plays out better than I could have hoped. But, there are always some bumps in the road, road blocks, get the drift. The way we learn to handle unexpected change tells a lot about our character. 

Yesterday, for example, I was making no bake cookies. I realized I didn't have any vanilla (which never happens!). So, I just decide to add some more peanut butter. That isn't really the best substitute, but hey, I like my peanut butter! The cookies were definitely runny and I wasn't sure if they would set up, but they did and they tasted great! I had to improvise. I had to come up with an alternative. When it comes to cooking that doesn't always work out the best however! Haha! 

Everyone should learn how to improvise. Be adventurous. Just act on the spur of the moment. Be spontaneous. Don't be worried if you step in a puddle and your socks get wet. Just take them off and be barefoot! I think that it adds excitement to the everyday life we live. One of the things that I've noticed since I've become a mom is that I act goofy and silly way more now than I did before. Don't get me wrong, I was pretty crazy before, but now I will sing made up songs, dance around and wiggle my arms, and make the most outrageous faces to make this little baby smile. You completely block out the rest of the world when you are a parent. You don't care what you have to do to make your baby smile or laugh. I think I have gotten to know myself better since having a baby. Hunter has definitely made me realize how special and precious life is. 

I wake up everyday and think about what I can do so that Hunter has the best day of his life thus far. Every time he smiles or laughs means that I had the best day of my life. What more could I want besides a happy, healthy baby? 


Hanging out with my little guy in his "My First Christmas" hat and Christmas outfit. 

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