Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where do you start?

I've always wanted to have a blog so this is going to be my attempt at it. It's so hard to know where to start. You don't want to bore anyone that reads your blog and you want to seem interesting to your readers. That's the great thing about the internet though. If you're on a page that you get bored with, all you have to do is click the little "x" and the page is gone. I guess maybe this blog will be more of a collection of my thoughts and the best part, for me that is, is that all my thoughts are together in one place. Because one thing is for thoughts aren't always in one place in this head of mine! 

First off, I'll tell you a little about myself if you don't know anything about me already. I grew up in the country around cattle, crops, and pasture. My childhood is probably 3/4 of who I am today and I am proud of that. I ran cross country and track for 2 years in college and loved every single minute of it, even through all the pain. I think people that run will understand this: you get addicted to the pain. It is something that you crave and want more of. I met the love of my life and we had the most precious baby boy. My husband and I are newlyweds and even though it's felt like we were married for a while, when you actually get married things change. I'm still trying to figure out what's changed, but it is different than before. 

The most important things in my life are my baby boy, my husband, my relationship with God, my family, and my friends (in no particular order please note). 

Everyday is a learning experience for me. I'm learning how to be a better mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, and a person. This is my account on my journey. My biggest focus is probably on what is best for my little baby! Gosh, there are so many products out there and opinions on what you should and shouldn't do that for a first time mom and in my case, a person who is absolutely clueless on anything that has to do with children, it can be down right confusing and can almost make a person go batty! My little boy is 5 months old now and we got married when he was 3 months. I'm definitely not in the shape that I want to be in, but my lack of motivation is almost nonexistent theses days. I know eventually I will be back to running 10 miles like it's 3 and love every mile of it! For a mom, getting back in shape is harder than you imagine it will be, or maybe you just judge yourself more after a having a baby. 

Regardless, this is or will my blog. Hopefully you'll enjoy and take part in my everyday journey. 

Who knows what is next BETWEEN DIAPERS AND MILES....

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