Monday, January 9, 2012

Nom nom nom

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Today was a baby making food day! It wasn't as extreme as I was planning on it, however, I did make a few meals for my little Huntman. I grabbed some apples and bananas and went to work!

For the bananas I cut them up and pureed them in the food processor. I added a little water to make them more smooth. I put the bananas in containers by themselves.

For the apples I peeled them and cut them up into small squares. I then put them in a pot with a little water and steamed them until I could mash them. I had some banana left in the food processor so I just added the apples and processed it all together! Apples and bananas!! Whoo! I put the mixture in the two containers that I had left and the rest of the mixture in the ice cube tray.

TIP: Wait until the food has cooled before putting it in the freezer. This helps eliminate the ice crystals!

I'm excited for Hunter to eat these. I know he is going to love them!

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