Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Life of a Stay At Home Mom - the beginning

I never actually thought I would ever be a stay at home mom. It just wasn't something I wanted to do. When I was in college I was excited to get a job and have a career. I moved four different times after I graduated high school and transferred to four different schools. I got bored really quick and craved change. I liked moving to a new town, meeting new people, doing new things. It was exciting for me. I liked to be busy and go go go. 

When my little Hunter got here though, my life completely changed. Life seemed to slow down. I remember the first few weeks he was here I would find myself staring at him. I was captivated by his tiny little fingers and toes, long, dark eyelashes, fresh little lips, his cute little nose. I couldn't help but just watch him. And boy, did I watch him! Those first few weeks I learned newborns sleep a lot, but not usually when you want them too. We definitely had our fair share of 3am snuggle sessions, and now that I look back, they were some of the best times I have spent so far with my little guy. 

I figured if I was going to be home all day I would get so much done! I would always be caught up on the laundry, the dishes would be clean, I would cook great meals, and the house would spick and span. 

That was hardly the case. 

I found out that I was never caught up on laundry. If it was clean, it wasn't put away. There were always dishes to be washed or the dishwasher always needed to be emptied. I actually was really good at cooking meals. That was an escape for me. It was a time for me to escape the diaper changes and feedings and be an "adult." It was my alone time. The house, however, was never spick and span. There were always toys, mail, blankets everywhere. My husband never said anything, but I'm sure he was thinking to himself, "How does the house look like this when she's home all day?" It probably helped that he always had a nice warm meal to come home too, but we'll keep that between you and me. 

Babies stay in one place for quite a while. You can leave them sitting or laying somewhere and go do something and come back and they will still be there. Most of the time if Hunter was sleeping, so was I. We spent a lot of time snuggling, reading, giggling. Some mom's might say that I should clean the house or do a load of laundry while he's asleep, but some days I needed (maybe not needed, but definitely wanted!) sleep or I just wanted to watch him sleep. 

I give props to working mom's. You women are my heros. I'm sure someday I will join you and I will figure it out, but if you have any tips, please, send them my way! 

The house will always be there for me to clean. The laundry will always be there for me to fold and put away. The dishes will always need to be rinsed and dried, but my little guy is only little once. He is going to be different tomorrow. He won't be the same that he was today. I want to enjoy it. Remember it. I am blessed to have experienced this opportunity and am so thankful to have spent this much time with him. I think he's taught me more about myself and one thing is for sure, he has taught me how to love. 


  1. You couldn't have said it better! Your babies are only little one time and if you can I say stay home and be with them. I had to return to work when my little guy was born and after 15 months working and being supermom I'm calling it quits. There isn't enough time in the the day to be a career woman, wife, mother, housekeeper and everything else that we ladies juggle. Life is short and too precious to let fly by.

  2. I agree! I actually am going to be starting a new job in March, but thankfully it's at a daycare/preschool so my son will be in the same building! That makes going to work a little more bearable! Haha! :)

  3. That's fantastic! A win win situation. You're very fortunate to be able to do that.